As regular visitors to the fields will be aware, the Old Bridge leading from the West Water Meadow to the Monument Field, suffered a partial collapse in January requiring a total closure of the bridge for safety reasons.

This bridge, which was probably installed over fifty years ago, forms a vital access for hay cropping equipment and for maintenance to the Arch should it be necessary. Apart from the access route for this equipment, which seems to get heavier every year, it also forms a vital part of the network of pathways around the fields and its closure cuts off a circular route popular with visitors.

It is therefore vital that repairs are carried out at the earliest opportunity, but unfortunately the lockdown has delayed matters rather. However we now have several quotes, the lowest being just over £10,000.  Our normal fundraising efforts are just enough to finance the annual expenses of maintaining the fields i.e. fuel and repairs to the equipment and general structures around the fields.

We are therefore now launching a Just Giving page with a target of £10,000 in the hope that those who regularly or occasionally enjoy the pleasures of walking the fields may donate towards this work.

If you wish to make a donation, however big or small, please scan the QR code or follow the link below. Your donation will help us get the fields back to normal as soon as possible.