We are pleased to announce that the Old Bridge, that partially collapsed in January 2020, has been fully repaired and is now open to the public again. This bridge forms an integral part of most people’s route around the fields and was also designed to take the weight of the hay cutting machinery and any equipment required for maintenance of the Arch.



The work was carried out very efficiently by a local firm, MJB Contracts, who we would thoroughly recommend.




It has taken rather longer than we hoped to get the repair completed, for which we apologise, but it takes time to raise the funds and there was also a pandemic that got in the way. The work was made possible due to the generous donations made to our fund by many local people and topped up by the Parish Council, we would sincerely like to thank you all.




We hope you like being able to make full use of the fields again and enjoy all the wild flowers before the hay cut in July.