The development of Priory Fields is an ongoing process. Apart from regular maintenance such as grass cutting and keeping the ditches clear and the hedges under control there are various projects we hope to carry out in the near future.

Now that the initial archaeology of the priory has been completed it is proposed that a new information board should be erected to explain the layout of the building and how the archaeology was carried out.

To create more varied routes around the fields we are planning to construct a small footbridge across the ditch from the West Water-meadow to the West Meadow.

It was suggested some time ago that we should plant an orchard of old varieties of apples that were local to Essex. We have now selected ten suitable varieties and are planning to plant them at the west end of the water meadow in early 2014.

Our aim is to continually improve the all weather access on paths by building up low, waterlogged areas as has already been done in some places.

Finally it is our intention that Priory Fields should host a variety of activities and events for all ages to enable a wider selection of the community to benefit from the features that this valuable local amenity has to offer.